Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Relating to Public Relations

I have embarked upon what seems to be a well travelled road leading me into the world of Public Relations. That is to say I am studying Public Relations at university with the long term goal of working within this field. 

I would like to consider my self someone who attempts to learn all aspects of the world he is stepping into. This being said as far as the PR world is concerned I have made a cardinal error in that I am into my second paragraph and you (the audience) still do not know who I am, what exactly I am doing, why I am here, where it is I come from, and when.... well when is not so important as the entry is date stamped. I feel I can be forgiven as this is my first entry but you can rest assured the PR rules will be followed from now on. 

So then to business. My name is Anthony Cardwell and I live in Surrey, England. I am here to extend my knowledge of Public Relations through discussion and practice. I intend to do this by enforcing my knowledge of new important things learned by writing about them here. This will allow me to commit the information to memory, inform other interested parties of the information I am privy to and practice the art of writing by actually writing.

This, for now anyway, is enough information about myself as I also need to practice the important PR trait of stepping out of the limelight as it does not belong to me but to my client (as and when I have clients). 

I hope to look at interesting topics and share my experiences of working in the world of Public Relations. 

Until then... 

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